In english

Organizations can get new Xergi® in English too

Since some of our customers are operating outside Sweden and/or have English as the company language, we of course also provide consultants who are fluent in English and we also have material printed in English .


Our main areas of competence are business development, business planning, process management and organizational development and our clients are mainly found in the life science industry, food industry and technical industry but also to a large extent  in the public sector and in non-profit organizations.


Our consultants have a wide and long experience in various industries and organizations, usually at senior management level and are skilled in the areas of economy, law, management, process management among many other areas.


One of our main tools is our Xergi®-process which our consultants use to help companies and organizations analyze their status and processes, identify areas for improvement and new strategic directions. From these directions we derive specific objectives and action plans to make it happen including the necessary changes in the organization or process management.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if your organization needs to change and/or become more customer-driven and efficient.